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CDML wimp wonders, PHP or XSLT?


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I currently run FM unltd 5.5 for custom web publishing using CDML. I bought FM Serv.7 Adv. but was so intimidated by the XSLT stuff I never deployed it. Besides a pro told me it had security and stability problems. On his advice I upgraded to ServerAdv 8.

I am a psych prof, not an IT person, and my solutions are generally simple, but not simple ebough for instant web publishing. Should I go the XSLT route or the PHP route to create my web interfaces?

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I hear and understand your pain. I definitely would not go the route of XML/XSLT. I have developed over 300 FileMaker websites and migrated over 50 from CDML to PHP.

I would definitely stick to PHP, even FileMaker has made the change as you see they are aggressively pursuing PHP with their new API for PHP release.

FMWebschool has numerous free resources and many books an videos on the topic of FileMaker web publishing at http://www.fmwebschool.com.

Please also feel free to email us your questions at [email protected] we are more than happy to help.

I've written a couple of beginner guides at:

I have also uploaded a free FX.php beginners

http://www.fmwebschool.com/resources/php_basics.pdf and http://www.fmwebschool.com/resources/phpapi.pdf


In Kindness

Stephen Knight



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This topic is 5769 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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