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solutions wanted Multiple addresses

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Wondering if someone could point me in the right direction of keeping a list of addresses that my contacts have lived at. I've looked at some of the starter solutions, but they only allow for second addresses, or a business and a home address etc...

I import from excel as information is given to me, and would like to import it, have FMP find the contact, if their address in the excel spreadsheet is not the same as their existing address in our database then have FMP add the new address as a new record in a addresses table, which is linked via their ContactID...

Many thanks in advance...


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Easiest way would be to store addresses in a separate table, but use calc fields in the Contacts table to pull in the details from the last related address record (the rationale being that the last related record would be the newest).

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Thanks for the quick reply...

I was thinking of something along those lines for the displaying of the address in the contacts layout, but the solution I need for now is how to import multiple excel spreadsheets, so it creates records in the addresses table (but not dup's of the contact names). And then using calc's to filter the most recent address, dependent on a date field.

I've about 200 spreadsheets to import...

Sorry, my original post wasn't so clear... I'm working on an Events Database, and if we can track where people have lived, we can target them specifically in Marketing for eg: if an event in Melbourne is not full, we can email all contacts who have lived in Melbourne, and let them know there are available places... Even if a contact has moved to Sydney...

I'm thinking along these lines... Creating an Address book database that shows all our contacts, and where they have lived, and then all the addresses and who has lived there... This database is not for the end user, its just storage and related data.

In the Events database, we show the most recent address dependent on the date of the last event they attended (this way we are sure to know their address is most up to date)...

Thanks again...

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Hi Lizzy,

I am from Dunsborough - Western Australia. I would like to help you. If its ok for you send me all the spreadsheets and I will convert it in database and will send it to you.

Tusif Ahmad

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Thanks Tusif, I'm not sure the company this is for would allow that the contact lists be passed onto a third party, but I can certainly check into that some more.

I'm really just looking for assistance on the script steps, if you could help with that it would be much appreciated.

Anyway, post back your email if it's not on your profile and i'll send direct if you are interested in helping out there...

Thanks again,

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