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Filemaker Developer in Nashville, TN (or the surrounding area)


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We need additional information about the job.

Job Description,

Salary information,

Do they have to be in Nashville, or can this be done long distance.

You can accomplish this by posting a link to where they can go and read about the position, and then make contact you of List if interested. Alternative, post your job description here.

There is no Privacy here, so job negotiation should take place off Forum.

BTW, FileMaker has a list of Associates, maybe you can find one in your area that way.

Good luck,


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Missed the Private Topic response
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There was no email address with which to respond privately to your inquiry. Longterm Solutions is a consulting and hosting company based in Nashville; we specialize in hosting and developing FileMaker solutions, and would be glad to speak with you.

Best regards,

Bob Patin

Longterm Solutions

[email protected]



Member of FileMaker Business Alliance and FileMaker TechNet


AIM or iChat: longterm1954

Yahoo: longterm_solutions

MSN: [email protected]

ICQ: 159333060


Contact us for FileMaker hosting for all versions of FileMaker

PHP • CDML • Full email services • Free DNS hosting • Colocation • Consulting

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Hi Bob,

I missed it too, at first read. The OP wants the response in a Private Topic.

If they have set it up proper, a Private Topic will go to an Email, not shown in the Public information.



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This topic is 6133 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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