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Converting from 3.0pro

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I tried downloading the trial of 6,

I find it curious that you found a demo of version 6 to download. Was this at FileMaker's site? As far as I know, FileMaker only provide a demo for the most current version. Are you sure this wasn't just an update of the version 6 FileMaker Pro?


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This topic is 3454 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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    • By SnowPatrol
      I have a FileMaker Pro 2.1 database file (11.8MB). I want to be able to transfer this to Access 97. I have tried exporting as a .dbf file but all Iget in access after this is a 365KB file!! It seems to be only exporting the data from the window that is active in FileMaker. I have some Access knowledge but have never used FileMaker before...please help!!!
    • By Kurt Knippel
      quote: Originally posted by charper:
      Filemaker 4.1 has the following two functions described in Help:
      Status (CurrentRepetitionNumber)
      Returns a number representing the current (active) iteration of a repeating field.
      Status (CurrentPortalRow)
      Returns the number of the current row in a selected portal.
      I'm finding that neither of these two functions ever return anything other than zero regardless of what portal row I'm at or what repetition of a repeating field I'm in.
      Am I missunderstanding something here? I'm assuming that "current row" and "active iteration" mean wherever my cursor is currently located - correct?
      I would start with your script. Most likely you are exiting something and putting the activity on some other object. Doing just about anything will activate another object and thus deactivate the location of the cursor.
      Kurt Knippel
      Senior Filemaker Developer
    • By Urizen
      Hello everyone,
      I am having some trouble. This is the situation. I have two databases, one called Profiles(holds the Last Name of a person and some other info) and the other called Records. I want to link these through the web so that when I create a new record in the Profiles database and enter all the data in it, I want the text field that holds the Last Name in the Profiles database to transfer into another text field in the Records database. Essentially, the Records database is almost like a sub-database to the names in the Profiles database. I am ale to do this using buttons, and Input, and Form, but I wondered how I would do it simply using A HREF?
      The following is the code I used for a page with a button to create a new record in the Records database, after the data in the Profiles had been entered for that person:
      <FORM ACTION="FMPro" METHOD="post">
      <P><INPUT TYPE="hidden" NAME="-db" VALUE="profile.FP3"></P>

      <P><INPUT TYPE="hidden" NAME="-lay" VALUE="Layout #1"></P>

      <P><INPUT TYPE="hidden" NAME="-format" VALUE="newrecord.htm"></P>

      <P><INPUT TYPE="hidden" NAME="-RecID" VALUE="[FMP-currentrecid]"></P>

      <P><INPUT TYPE="submit" NAME="-findall" VALUE="Create New
    • By JAMESP
      We currently run FileMaker Pro 4.1v3 on our home PC on Win95. My teacher wife needs this specific version to prepare a digital report cards for her class. Everyone in her school board must run this version.
      I however wish to purchase and install Filmaker Pro version 5. Can I install v5 separately on my PC without disturbing the files and Windows Registry for 4.1v3? Can the two versions run separately on one PC?
      Does anyone have any experience with this or tips to offer?
    • By WBlanchard
      Awhile back I post a query about incompatibility issues with MacOS 9 and FMP Server 3.0. It appears that under some circumstances FMP Server 3.0 has an Disk op problem with OS 9 causing the FMP Server to crash unexpectedly. I have found a solution.
      Using a utility like AppDisk [pay your shareware fees its really worth it ] to create a RAM disk and loading your db files into RAM will eliminate the problem.
      AppDisk will also auto save to disk at regular intervals, so you won't lose data if you have a system crash.
      Our server was crashing almost daily under normal load before installing the RAM disk. It's 3 weeks after the install and not one crash even under heavy loads.
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