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FM Server 9.0 & VPN (for the first time)

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I have had to open another server location that I CANNOT set up with a static IP address. This location is where I'm going to install FMS 9.0 (hopefully). I'm interested in seeing if it's possible to bypass the static IP issue for FMS by setting up a VPN network so that the server and clients think they're on the same private side of a LAN. Having never studied, setup, diagnosed or otherwise ever touched VPN, I'm very much in the dark on the feasibility and ease to do this. I know the filemaker Go clients might be an issue with this setup, given the VPN limitations I'm sure apple built into IOS. Here's other relevant details below:


Server: intel Duo MacMini

Server OS: OS10.5 or OS10.6 (as needed for configuration with VPN)

Filemaker Server: 9.0

Comcast Xfinity gateway router

25 Mbps down, 5 Mbps up speed

13 files hosted, largest is 35MB

4 remote "low workload" users (filemaker go & FMP 9.0)

1 or 2 remote "power" users (Macbook pro's: 10.8 / FMP 9.0


THanks for the consideration!



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The VPN per se does not solve the issue with the static IP address because the VPN connection from the remote client needs to know where to connect to...


Check into Dynamic DNS solutions or something like Hamachi from Logmein.


Side note: 5 Mbps may be a bottleneck...

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This topic is 2579 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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