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How do I hide a button based on Privilege Set?

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Hi All,


I am trying to hide a button unless a certain privilege set is used, however, when I try to enter a calculation ( I tried to use 

Get ( AccountPrivilegeSetName )  ≠ [Full Access] ) it comes up with errors. Clearly I am doing this wrong, but I cannot find anything that gives me a guide as to what I am expected to do.



Can anyone tell me how I can achieve this?



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This topic is 2620 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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    • By bcooney
      I'm running into an issue hiding a text object in a sub summary part when a summary field in the same part is empty or zero.
      I created a little demo file to show my issue. I resorted to using Get Summary, but that still doesn't work in my solution (but it's much more complicated report there).
      I'd appreciate feedback as to why I needed Get Summary.
    • By iroc_mxrider
      Full disclosure: I am very new to scripting in FM.
      I am trying to hide an object based on 2 criteria:
      Leads::IsOnlineProposal = "No" and PatternCount (  $$Permissions ; "ViewOnlineProposal" ) = 0
      When the Value for Leads::IsOnlineProposal is "Yes" I wanted my object ( just a big square to hide the customer data on the screen ) to hide everything on the screen. That part works great. But I wanted to give some users permission to still view the customer info ( or continue hiding the object ) when the permission is checked even if the value for Leads::IsOnlineProposal = "Yes". Thus the second part of the hide scripting in the hide section of the inspector. I cannot seem to figure out what to input into inspector to achieve this. Can anybody point me in the right direction? Any help is much appreciated. Hope it all makes sense! Thank you in advance, sorry if I posted in the wrong section!
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      something pretty simple , just can`t seem to get it right , i would appreciate if someone could guide me on this.
      In my solution i give out jobs to my workers , they all see there jobs in there individual portals/logins.
      what i want to do is that  3 days after the end date of the job it should hide from the portal.
      How would i do that ???/
    • By Kaman
      Hi everyone,
      The problem I met is about record set is difference between the FM Pro 15 and it behaves at webdirect.
      Here is the scenario :
      Table : Contract, Salesperson, User
               User  <--[pk]----user_id----[fk]--> Salesperson
               Contract <-[fk]----sales_id----[pk]--> Salesperson
      Privilege set : 
              [Manager] - For record, table "Contract" (view) is limited to Salesperson::dept = $$DEPT
                       For layout, view access is allowed
              [Salesperson] - For record, table "Contract" (view) is limited to Salesperson::user_id = $$USER_ID
                           For layout, view access is allowed
          1) Once login-ed in, the script is triggered to load certain users' info. to global variables(e.g $$DEPT, $$USER_ID) by using the Get(Accountname) and table User
          2) After entering the layout which load the contract data, records showed should be limited according to privilege set
      Problem is I could have the expected result at FM Pro 15 but not at webdirect with the same source.
      With [manager] privilege set,
      (FM15)  I could load the contract record within the whole department which assigned at table.
      (WD) No matched record 
      With [salesperson] privilege set,
      (FM15) & (WD) I could load the salesperson corresponding contract.
      *  I could only found out that no Salesperson info. could be read / related to the contract layout, when the privilege set is [manager].
      I would appreciated it if anyone could help.
    • By emtau
      Greetings good people,
      I would like to take up your time if you could lend a hand in helping me on how to hide records that are no longer needed.
      To be more specific, I created a database with employees record in it. Any new employer will be put in the database and update his/her profile. My question is if an employee is no longer working with us, we want to keep his record but somehow exclude him/her/them from the current working employees.
      Options that came through my mind is that I could mark them as EX-EMPLOYEE on their photo in red or something like that but that would still include them with the current staff. So I want to hide them permanently like they've been deleted but when needed, we can show them who were they with all their past records still intact etc.
      Any ideas?
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