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something pretty simple , just can`t seem to get it right , i would appreciate if someone could guide me on this.

In my solution i give out jobs to my workers , they all see there jobs in there individual portals/logins.

what i want to do is that  3 days after the end date of the job it should hide from the portal.

How would i do that ???/

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It might well be "pretty simple", but at this point it's not clear. Portals and logins are two very different things.

If you want a portal to exclude jobs 3 days after they have ended, it would be very easy to add that as a filtering condition to the portal's setup. However, since you say you keep giving out jobs to your workers, this would get progressively slower and slower, as portal filtering is essentially an unstored calculation performed on every related record.

So a better solution would be to define an unstored calculation field (in the parent table) that calculates the date of 3 days ago, and add the following predicate to the relationship itself:

Parent::cCutOffDate > Jobs::EndDate


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