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ODBC connection dropping out?

Justin Close

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I have a user who has reported issues with their ODBC connection.  They say that they have to manually relogin every so often; approximately every 10 days.  (Although the connection is only utilized once a day, so perhaps is every 10 connections?)  I have researched everything that I can find, but haven't seen anything definitive about what may be causing it.


This is using FMSA 12.05; client used to connect from is 'Qlikview'.


*  User privilege set has 'Disconnect user when idle' marked ON:  would this affect ODBC connections?  Are ODBC connections persistent or not?


*  User extended privilege set 'Access via ODBC' is marked ON


*  User extended privilege 'Require re-authentication after...10' is ON:  I know the re-authentication is supposed to be for Go only, but maybe there is a bug...


*  Server is configured to allow ODBC (checkbox is on)



I am not sure why the ODBC client they are using wouldn't just use the same credentials and reconnect if it were disconnected.  (Their setup creates an encrypted connection string based on what the user types in - during a setup wizard process - and then embeds that in a script.  This is what apparently is expiring, and they have to walk through the wizard process again to reset it.)


Any ideas on where to look for issues?




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Well, I possibly have a few answers for myself. 


It appears that an ODBC connection stays alive as long as there is data being transmitted.  So each request is a separate connection, and only stays open as long as is needed to move the data requested.


Also, the authentication issues may have been caused by the external authentication server that was being used.  The PW for the account was reset; we will have to wait and see if the same kinds of errors crop up again.



--  Justin

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This topic is 2595 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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