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Open this page in "FileMaker Go"?

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I made a FileMaker Go 13 solution and made a custom icon for it on the home screen using the iPhone Config Utility. The app and the link all work just fine. But since the icon is basically an URL, it goes through Safari. When clicked, Safari sees the file extension and opens the file in FileMaker Go. But it does this only once automatically, after one click the link is set as browser history. So the next time you click the app icon, Safari asks to 'Open this page in "FileMaker Go"?' with 'Cancel' and 'Open' as clickable options. Very annoying. If you clear Safari's browser history in 'Settings', it opens again in a single run. But right thereafter you get the message again in Safari. Not really user friendly, as the user needs to click 'Open' to continue the app.

I've been looking into scripts that clear the browser history, but there aren't any that I know off. Also, turning on private browsing does not make a difference.

Any suggestions highly appreciated.

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Did not try it yet, iPod is at my customer who's using the app... But I compared the profiles, and the only thing different is this:


iPhone Configuration Utility:


FileMaker App Maker:

So indeed, maybe the "javascript:window.location" prevents Safari from asking the above...
Will test for sure, but I think this does the trick.
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The app maker works very well. Just make sure you are using the IOS 7 version, assuming you have IOS 7 on your device. Also, if you have both FM12 and FM13 on your device you will have yo remove the FM12 for the app to work with a FM13 solution.

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The problem with using the app maker is that you can't embed a username & password into the fmp:// url scheme.


For example, the fmp:// url scheme allows you to type something like this:


fmp://username:[email protected]_Address/DatabaseName.fmp12


However, if you use the app maker, it encodes that "@" symbol as a %40, so you are forced to use the iPhone Configuration Utility.

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You could try using the attached version of App Maker, to create the profile, which I modified so it works with iOS 8... Just go to the 'Settings' tab and make sure you select 'iOS 8' from the 'Supported iOS version' popup menu.


Hope this helps...


[edit: oops, forgot attachment, should be here now]

App Maker 1.0.4sky.fmp12.zip

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This topic is 1425 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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