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SMTP Settings problem

Greg Hains

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I have an issue with the SMTP settings on an FMS 13 server on a client site and was wondering if anybody might have had the same problem, and what their solution was.


The FMS 13 server is a 2008 R2 SP1 VM on a Windows 2012 server, at the FMS aspect seems to work just fine overall.

I have configured on FMS console to have the Errors and Warnings to come to the email address designated, and this works fine. The settings are that the SMTP server it goes through is an Exchange 2010 box, no authentication required. When I press the Test SMTP settings button, the test fails, yet I continue to get the normal errors and messages come through just fine. There is obviously a difference between "actual" and the test.


I have contacted Filemaker support who have been helpful, but unable to shine any light on how to resolve the issue. I was requesting some diagnostic logs or the like.


I have used SMTP on a number of FMS installations over the years without issues - this is my first version 13. 


Anybody seen this before?




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Hi Jeroen.


Thanks for your reply.


I have spoken to the IT team who advise that this server is able to relay through the Exchange server without authentication, and other devices on the network (MFD's) are already doing this.  The strange thing is that the actual errors come through to me, but the testing (for that same function) does not. That means there is a difference as to how these two things actually work - which is what I'm trying to get to the bottom of.




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Greg, just an idea, but maybe the MIME headers are different in both cases - test and actual - and the Exchange server or a firewall in between rejects mail for that. I know of cases where firewalls refused mail send from a FileMaker client using SMTP, because the 'Message-ID' header was not properly formed by FileMaker (I don't know if this issue has been resolved yet by FMI in FM13).


I don't know if the IT department would be able to show logs of the mails. If not you could consider to install a network packet analyzer like WireShark to capture the data sent from the FileMaker Server Admin Console.





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Hi Jeroen,


Good point - thank you.


I can get access to the logs, but not the detail of the MIME headers. I might pursue that option.


I have spoken to Filemaker about it, and whilst they are generally helpful, they don't seem to understand this problem at all.


Thanks for the idea.




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This topic is 2571 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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