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Senior FM Developer available


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I have built and supported several vertical market apps in FileMaker over the last 17 years in markets including healthcare, education, publishing, and service industries. I was building and shipping FM solutions as "vertical market apps" before most of us even used that term.


I have been lucky enough to join great dev teams at growing companies and stay on for long runs. My current company is contracting, so I am on the market again this holiday season and I need to get something new soon.


I have nearly every manner of FMP experience:


  • client - table design, form design, scripting advanced level
  • server - server-side scripting, scheduling, bat files
  • plugins - monkey bread, troi, super container, base elements, mail it, zippScript, xmChart, PHPx
  • fmgo - touch interfaces, mobile user interaction 


I also work with SQL (including controlling SQL tables from within FMP processes), have done lots of data ETL (extract, transfer, load) and am familiar with several outside systems and data types.


I also have JSON experience, doing all sorts of parsing from and building FMP data into JSON format. I'm cross-platform and already have a license for FMPA 13. I will be taking my FM13 certification test before the end of the year.


My resume and portfolio of experience is available now. If you are looking for the real-deal head developer type because you need someone to make FMP middleware or applications, I could be your guy.


Jodin Ravia

[email protected]



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This topic is 3232 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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