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Is it Supposed to Work Like This?


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I’ve succeeding in syncing an empty “fresh” mobile db on my iPad with my hosted populated db on a server hosted by a 3rd party. It works very nicely.


I’ve also succeeded in removing records from the hosted database and re-syncing from the mobile db and found that it synced correctly; i.e., the records deleted from the host were also deleted from the mobile.


So far so very good.


Now, I changed some of the record-level data on the hosted db and re-synced from the mobile and found that none of the record level changes were made in the mobile db. Am I expecting too much?


Also, since my hosted db gets replaced on the server on a daily basis with a fresh copy with new data, I want to delete all data from the mobile db and re-sync from the existing now empty mobile db to get the new data from the hosted db. This is not working for me.


After I initiate the sync, the message from appears almost immediately that 0 records were synced.

Thus far the only way I’ve can sync to the new db that was replaced on the host is to get a “fresh” copy of the mobile db over to my iPad.


Once again, is it supposed to work like this, or am I missing something fundamental in my comprehension and processing? Is there any work-around that can help me accomplish my goals?



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No. I updated the host database two ways: 1) directly on the server & 2) by uploading a total replacement host database to the server. The replacement has no design changes; just new data.


The mobile database on my iPad was only used to sync with the host.


Thanks for your reply.



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This topic is 2920 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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