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Hello all. 


I have a question that it's not clear in my mind on whats the most efficient way of doing this.


I have 2 tables:


1 - exercise Type ( id, name )

2 - exercises ( id, type, name )


So in a layout i have a portal that is pointing to the exercises table, in the same layout I have a checkbox field with a value list that points to the exercise types


For example:

--- Exercise Types






and so on...


--- Exercises


Bench Dips (belongs to Tricep)

Rope Pushdown (belongs to Tricep)

Broad Jumps (belongs to Plyos)

Squat Jumps (belongs to Plyos)

and so on...


What I need to accomplish basically is that every time an "exercise type" is checked the portal adds up and displays the exercises based on that type, so the found set on the portal will increment as more checkboxes are checked.


Thanks in advance.



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What Fitch said: if you have a field formatted as value list, the field can act as multiline key.


But for that to work, you need to define your relationships, and your value lists correctly; in that case, a value list that is based on 1: field: primaryID, 2: a text field. Also, you're not matching the correct fields.


Last but not least, in your file the foreign key exerciseType in the Exercises table doesn't hold the primary key from the ExerciseTypes table, but the body part name. I corrected this in the attached file, but you need to make sure that you insert that primary key when setting the exercise type, i.e. change the procedure that's in place.


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This topic is 2060 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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