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Using FM 11 Server Advanced


I am having a problem with IWP. On the attached picture there is a list of students with choices for teachers to input classes for next year. The choices were set up as a value list and radio buttons. All the students are defaulted to Standard (Using the client). When the teachers access the internet file and select a different radio button, it will only update one student at a time. Is there anyway the teacher can go down the list, click on the desired radio button for each student and then submit the selections to the server?


Is there some script that will accept the buttons then submit the data and go to the next student. I realize that I am looking a multiple records on one screen. But is there a way? Better yet is there a way to select a radio button for each student and then submit the data to the server?


Any help would be appreciated



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In IWP you have to explicitly commit the record. You could replace the radio button field with four actual buttons, which would run a script that sets the value and commits the record.


Or, to get the behavior that you envision, you'd need to display the records in a portal rather than a list.

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This topic is 2055 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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