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Spoke database shows times 1 hour ahead of server

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First of all I have only just started experimenting with MirrorSync and overall it's a pretty slick product.

One issue I have come across is that my spoke database (on ipad) is showing time fields with values 1 hour ahead of the values in the hub database.

When I connect directly to the hub from the same iPad or from a PC then the time values are as expected.

As far as I can tell the server, PC and iPad are all configured to be in the same timezone (UTC / London).

Any advice please?


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Hi Tim, we'll need to get a copy of your log file to troubleshoot the problem.


Please modify a record on the server and run a sync with that record to verify that the problem is still happening, and so that the log will record the sync information.


After that, click the link titled "Send problem report and log files" on the MirrorSync launch page. Be sure to let us know the following information in the problem report:

* The primary key of the record with the problem

* The layout name

* The field name

* The time you expected to see vs the time you actually see

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Can I ask if this was resolved and if there was an obvious reason?

We have only just noticed that we are suffering from the same problem, data entered into the spoke on the iPad stay as expected, then when the sync is done and the record appears on the server the time fields for user entry have all lost 1 hour. I have checked time zone on iPad, server & workstation and they are all set the same.

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This topic is 2893 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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