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FM12 Web Viewer Printing Not Working


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I have a web viewer set up in my FM that displays FedEx tracking.


Previously, using FM11, I was able to adjust the scroll bars to display the parts of the FedEx tracking I wanted to show on a printout. (Scroll to the right and down, to eliminate some of the FedEx header and sidebar.)


This would allow my printout to show the ship date and the delivery date and tracking progress through the web viewer, as well as the order information fields I have above the web viewer.


Since upgrading to FM12, the scrolling does not work when I print or go into the Preview mode.


Now, when I scroll the web viewer and print (or Preview), it pushes the viewer content back to it's original position and wipes out all the info that was hidden after I scrolled the window.


I've looked everywhere and can't find any sort of solution for this.


I've attached files showing how it looks before scrolling, after scrolling, and then when Previewing or printing.




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This topic is 2806 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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