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Pro on same machine as Server 13 not seeing server's ODBC sources for "Import from ODBC"

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My company has just installed FileMaker Server 13 on a Windows 2012 machine. We've setup a few ODBC DSN sources and I've confirmed they work because I've accessed a few of them via remote clients using ESS in a few of the databases that are hosted on this server.

One of the DSN sources is a DB2 source, so ESS will not work. So I was hoping to setup a PSOS that would import from ODBC. So, I was thinking I could run FileMaker Pro client on the server machine, open up the database in question, and then write a script that performs the "Import from ODBC" with the configuration that would work for the context of server. Unfortunately, when I choose "Import / From ODBC" I do not see any ODBC sources available on the machine. So, I have two questions:


1.  Does anyone know why this may be.... Am I missing something?

2. Is my approach/reasoning correct in thinking that if I can script the "Import from ODBC" while on server, I can have the settings saved in the script restored when I  execute the import script that is performed on server??    My alternative for importing this DB2 ODBC data is to use a robot machine, but I'd really rather not do that.


Thanks in advance for any insight on this.


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I'll bet the 2012 server is 64-bit.  Since FMP is still 32-bit it would not see any 64-bit DSNs.

You don't need to do the development on the FMS box though: if you create a DSN on your dev machine that has the exact same name as the DSN on the server, then the PSoS script will work; it will match the DSN by name.

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This topic is 2786 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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