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Filemaker 14 Pro Signature

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akumi    0

Just found out Filemaker 14 is out and still NO SIGNATURE CAPTURE for filemaker pro (was expecting to come in Filemaker 13). I know you can capture signature on filemaker go but the screens are small. I want to be able to sign off on large touch screen win8 desktop computers? Anyone know an interim solution until Filemaker would make it?

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akumi    0

Hi Kris,

Thanks for the suggestions, yeah heard of Gosign & Productive Computing's solution

Tim Dietrich solution is the closest but it's a catch 22, it only runs on Filemaker Pro for Mac and Mac as of now still hasn't have touch screens. Guess just have to wait for either Filemaker 14.1 or Filemaker 15 for them to implement this. :)

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shevyshevy    1
On 6/12/2015 at 3:06 AM, Peter Barfield said:

Stacey Chamblee has a modified FMEASY Signature that is moddified to work on windows. Here is the link if that helps.


Can't seem to get the file from the download link ... Looks like it has been deleted or something.. Can you please drop another link? Thanks

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Lee Smith    147

Hi shevyshevy,

7 hours ago, shevyshevy said:

Looks like it has been deleted or something

That would be my guess too. This is the main reason we ask for exhibits to be posted here. 

I don’t find where Stacey Chamblee is a member of our Forum, I’d send a Private Message to Peter Barfield and see if he can provide more information on the file or Stacey. 


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schamblee    4

Try this link:


It has been modified to work with Windows.  

I spend most of my time in FM community.  Sorry I didn't see message earlier.  I go by schamblee on both forums.  

Please don't comment on files in dropbox.   Send message through the forums.  


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