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Field Test (speed & functions)

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I was just thinking of database database that would have some content and typical logic and business rules that would do navigation scripted operation both locally and PSOS and  include image capture and viewing of existing images. 

The purpose a way to "field test" database connectivity speed. In hopes to determine best deployment options before you actually start building a solution. Possibly could some how provide metrics or measurement as to performance. 


Client wants a proposal to build an IOS solution and plans to be either wifi only - or 4G only or a mix. In your discovery you instruct them to take the FMGO solution in to their environment, perhaps host it geographically adjacent to the deployed target. And do some field testing to determine if the interaction would be acceptable. Especially if you build a solution entirely for this method of deployment and discover that some percentage of time they have very limited bandwidth or no connectivity then in that case a "sync" solution would have been a better proposal. 


I realize its not an end all be all truth since all projects are individual with scripted logic, and other design requirements; but at least a good baseline as what the end user could expect prior to building out a full solution. 

What would this solution look like what functions should it perform? What and how would you capture any performance data - ( server log analysts?) 

Just a jumping off point for a discussion perhaps time permitting a collaborative effort could to produce something for the community?


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This topic is 3112 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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