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lunch an app on FM Go using "Open URL" then callback the result to a local filemaker file

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Good day all,


I am trying to run a barcode scanner called "PDF417 PRO" on my Ipad from my local Filemaker solution and then callback the results of scanning into a field in my Filemaker solution.


The PDF417 PRO developer suggests below URL:

"pdf417://scan?type=PDF417&text=true&fmp=true&beep=true&callback=" & GetAsURLEncoded ("fmp://" & Get (HostName) & "/" & GetAsURLEncoded(Get(FileName)) & ".fmp12?script=insert_barcode")

But this URL is written to open a hosted file and not a local file on an Ipad.


How should I modify this URL to open my local file after the scanning process and run a script afterwards?

This URL opens the PDF417 PRO but it does not call back my filemaker database after scanning.



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Why not get a hardware scanner that is sturdy and reliable and already works with FileMaker? http://store.zerobluetech.com/catalogsearch/result/?cat=0&q=pdf417


Or just use this formula:  fmp://~/[filename]?script=[scriptname]&param=[parameter]


Hope this helps.




Thanks for your message, Actually that would be the next step. I need a chepper option to convince my client to get a proper barcode scanner. For now I just wanna show him how the whole system works with a barcode scanner.


Any thought about the URL?




Any thought about the URL?


OOPS, Sorry, I did not see this part of your message, I will give it a try and will let you know.



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Hello to all,



This function solved my problem:

"pdf417://scan?type=PDF417&text=true&fmp=true&beep=true&callback=" & GetAsURLEncoded ("fmp://$/" & GetAsURLEncoded ( Get(FileName) ) & ".fmp12?script=insert_barcode")

Here is the link for your information.





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This topic is 3065 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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