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Find in progress. Processing query... - going slow for only ONE portal


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New to this so not sure what is needed to help me. I have several portals in my database and they all have filter and sort settings. All the settings are the same on each portal (just pulling from different layouts). Each portal has a button with a script in it that has it "go to the related record." All of my portals and go to related things work great and quick an no issues.

Yesterday, I added a new portal and a new go to related and updated my relationships, etc. everything mimics the same settings on all my other portals. BUT for some reason this one portal and go to related are lagging big time and everytime I do anything that affects that portal I get the "find in progress. processing query..." and it takes several minutes to process.

I do not get this my other portals and I'm a bit confused and feeling frustrated that I'm having trouble with JUST the one portal. HELP! What do you all need from me to help me with this? 

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Not enough information I'm afraid.  Can you give us a screenshot of your Graph and and a screenshot of the layout in layout mode?

The "find in progress" is fairly typical if there are either a large number of related records and the filtering is having to do a lot of work.

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That's the thing is this portal is looking only a few records and it's lagging. Where as another portal I have refers to MANY records and it never lags. It's always instant. The only lag and ONLY time I ever have gotten the find in progress is with this new portal.

attached are a few screen shots. 

You will see when you look at the "company" screen shot that I have 2 portals: one at the top right and one at the bottom. The one at the bottom NEVER lags and it has thousands of records to pull from. The portal at the top right (the new one) only has now maybe 2 dozen records it's filtering and sorting and it lags. I have portals in other areas in my system and no lags. JUST on that one portal :( it is driving me and my employees crazy. Help? Can I provide any other images, etc. to help you help me?

Thanks in advance!

Records to sort.PNG

Find in progress.PNG

Company Art Orders Portal Settings.PNG

Company Contacts Portal Settings.PNG

Company Layout.PNG


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3 minutes ago, comment said:

1. What happens when you:

(a) remove the portal filter;

(b) remove the portal sort;

(c) remove both of the above.

2. How is the underlying relationship defined? Does it use operators other than = ? Is it sorted?

OK I FOUND IT!!! For some reason and I don't know why....

the script I have for the "go to related records" had a sort on it and since I copied the script from the other scripts I have for my other portal it was trying to sort by the wrong things. So problem wasn't the portal after all. BUT you pointed me in the right direction on where to look. Thank you!!

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This topic is 2966 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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