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Scheduled FMS script not deleting records as expected

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TL; DR: FMS running scheduled script to delete "extra" records, reports success, records not deleted.


I had a persistent problem: people opening a database weren't realizing they were looking at other users' existing records, and were inadvertently overtyping them. (More than half the time that people access this, it's so they can make a new entry.) My solution was to have the DB create a new record each time users accessed it (via a certain layout).

The empty records aren't a problem (because users only access "old" records through a search function or printed reports), so I wrote a script that searches for, and deletes, empty records. The only goal is to keep the chaff from outweighing the wheat. This has worked fine.

When I schedule the script (in FMS, FMS reports success, but when I reopen the db on my desk, none of the 'useless' records has been deleted. When I run the same script manually, it runs fine (the records vanish).

The account running the script is a Full Access account, and the script has full access privileges.


The steps involved in the script are (how do you cut & paste a whole script?)

  • - Set error capture on
  • - Perform find on a calc field (flips from 0 to 1 when all three fields are empty)
  • - delete all
  • - commit
  • - show all
  • - go to last record
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Nothing in that description looks off.  What does the FMS event log say when the script runs?

Keep in mind that a scheduled script will open the file and run any and all on-open scripts and those may prevent the actual targeted script from running.  If you have any server-incompatible script steps in that on-open routine then you should branch around those.

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That's exactly it! I was getting so caught up in the "higher order" scripting, I was forgetting that when users open it, they click a button to indicate which interface they want to use. Simple added command going to the right layout did the trick. Thanks

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This topic is 2910 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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