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pdf not attaching

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I have a strange type of issue. I tried a lot but sorry could not be able to solve.

I have Filemaker Server 14 Running on mac environment. Also I have users running Filemaker Pro 14 and I am running Filemaker Pro Advanced. I am written a script to send email with invoice attached. Script works fine on my computer with FMPA but when user are running, it is not attaching pdf.
I tried saving file with get(DocumentPath), get(TemporaryPath), GetCurrentDirectory custom function etc. I think I tried all ways but sorry could not be able to resolve this issue. Can you please guide me what the wrong I am doing.

Show Custom Dialog [“Warning” : “Are you sure? You want to send account from to this client?”

Set Variable [$cliid ; value: tbl_client::_kp_id_company]

Set Variable [$compn ; value:tbl_client::company]

Go to Layout [“Contacts Form” (tbl_clients_contact)]

Set Variable [ $mfpath ; value; Get (DocumentsPath) & “account.pdf”]

Export Field Contents [ tbl_clients_contact::AccountsCreation_File; “$mfpath”]

Enter Find Mode

Set Field [tbl_clients_contact::_kp_id_company ; $cliid]

Set Field [tbl_clients_contact::EmailFlag ; 1]

Perform Find [ ]

If [ Get ( LastMessageChoice ) = 1]

Send Mail [ Send Via Email Client ; No Dialog ; To : tbl_client_contact::Email ; Subject: “Account Application” Message “Dear “ & tbl_clients_contact::Full Name&”,” & “¶¶ we have opened a ….. “$mfpath”

End if

Go to Layout [ “tbl_clients_account_form_status” (tbl_clients_account_form_status) ]

New Record/Request

Set Field [ tbl_clients_account_form_status::_kp_id_company ; $cliid ]

Set Field [ tbl_clients_account_form_status::Company ; $compn ]

Set Field [ tbl_clients_account_form_DateSent ; Get ( CurrentDate ) ]

Go to Layout [ “Company Form” (tbl_clients)]

Show Custom Dialog [ “Info” ; “Account Form has been Sent ?”]


Edited by Lee Smith
adjusted the Font and removed excess returns.
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Hey Tusif,

 Please use the default font when copy and pasting from another application.

Also, adjust the line spacing in your code so that it isn’t three lines between. 



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Hi Tusif

This is a known bug in OS X 10.11 (El Capitan) with FileMaker 14 where the files do not attach to the email if you choose 'Perform without dialog'.

If you un-select that option, they work fine and the PDF will attach, but the user has to click the 'Send' button in OS X Mail.

It is fine in OS 10.10. I've never found a satisfactory workaround that doesn't force the user to interact with the email. I was told by someone in FileMaker UK that it is not something FileMaker can fix, it needs to be fixed by Apple.

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This topic is 2892 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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