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Import records from table to table not behaving as expected.

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I am trying to copy selected line item records from one table to another as part of an intended 'recurring transactions' structure. For some reason if I perform a find on line items for that transaction and attempt to import into the recurring line items table it wants to import all records (12000) and not the found set (1-20) as I would expect. 

I have just conducted some tests with other databases to confirm I have an issue with this database only. The test databases would only import the found set from table to table as expected. Is my db corrupt or is there some setting somewhere thats changes this behaviour? Any help would be appreciated. FM13.

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Thanks Comment for piping in.

I just tried a few more tests along those lines. I'm doing the 'find' by  a go to related record script step. I then do an import from that specific TO in another script step. So I just tried a manual import to the table that holds the portal but still all records, not the one related one. 

I have even tried using two unrelated tables within the db and a manual import attempt as another test with the same results (all records, not the found set). That works in any other db I have here. If I import from another db it works as expected, just not table to table in this db.

I have had this working at some stage in development, I have applied this technique on many occasions but it does seem something is mysteriously wrong. I have also tried recovering the db. No go. In all other respects the db seems healthy.

Any other thoughts?

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This topic is 2260 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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