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FMGo15 Barcode Issue?

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I developed a solution which utilises the barcode reader function. This worked perfectly in FMGo 14 on an iPhone 6 Plus. I upgraded to FMGo 15 but at the same time made a few programming changes, although not to the script containing the 'Insert from Device function'. On activating the script, the camera would activate and the barcode would be read successfully but, on a later occasion, the camera would activate, but not trigger on the same barcode as before and the camera would remain in scan mode unless cancelled. Thinking this was due to the changes I made, I spent hours trying to overcome the problem. Eventually, I deleted FMGo 15 and downloaded it again. It worked. However, the problem resurfaced. When it does, quitting the app restores the functionality. The 'Insert from Device' step I have scripted writes to a global field which I have placed off the layout. Again, sometimes it works, other times not, even when activated from the same layout using the same script. Could this be a bug in FMGo 15? Also, sometimes when clicking on an image in a container field, instead of going to the app extensions, FMGo 15 quits. Relaunching, on the same layout and photo, it works as expected. Again a bug?

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Yes, after using the camera, barcode recognition no longer triggers unless one quits the app. Since my solution typically leads to the camera being subsequently used to insert an image of the product in the related record created with the barcode scan, the bug is critical to its success. Great that the bug has been logged by others. Thanks for the heads up!

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This topic is 2224 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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