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XML Error line 1

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XML error: No memory at line 1

Greetings, this error occurred when the Filemaker API cannot generate a bunch of records. (1000+ records and above)

I've adjusted the time out settings for PHP even the memory limits.

Is there any possible solution for this?


According to some information, the error turns out that the 10 MB XML scripts is unchangeable.


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Do you really want to get 1000+ records in one go?  Is this for a user-facing routine?

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Posted (edited)

Actually I used the reference from formulations Pro

I used the Pagination of navigation links (the next, previous, last and first) where it will show one by one.

Therefore despite of 1000+ records that should not caused any drawback as  it will show one by one only.

Is there any root to fix the XML error? I'm working on a quick development of project where I will create a web version of a filemaker projects.

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We'd need more information about the actual call, the configuration, the FM file, etc.

I did a test a few weeks ago to compare the new FMS16 Data API to the XML API for speed and was asking for 10,000 records.  No errors.  So I don't think it is the # of records necessarily that is causing this.

What is the result if you just use the -findany command?

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Posted (edited)

I export 5000-10000 records on a regular basis, and occationally millions; I have not yet seen this error before you posted this here.

How much memory do you have?( all involved machines to reproduce the error ) Also how much memory is free on the bootdisk. Do you use for-each in XSLT? Then change to template.

Of course the number of fields pr record also counts, both calculations and keys do spend a considerable amount of resources; Compared to plain data fields.

22 hours ago, jamescv7 said:

Is there any root to fix the XML error? I'm working on a quick development of project where I will create a web version of a filemaker projects.

This may or may not be a design issue, not necessarily one of XML, but I do not know enough to make any conclusion.

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What a bummer, I replicate the problem and it seems there is no issue when retrieve even 20k of records.

Likely I need to fix the source code again.

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