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Creating new folder via applescript

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I need some applescript help. I know nothing of Applescript and it is really hard to find tutorials... I'm not looking in the right place.

Does anyone have an apple script that would take a value from my database and simply create a new folder?

In my record I have the file path in one field, and the name of the new folder in another field.

I want to execute an applescript to create a new folder at the end of that path. It is on a networked volume (not on workstation running databse). Gosh, any help you can give me would be so appreciated. Also, if you have any links to good training for applescript that'd be great too... I might have to go get applescript for dummies and actually read the book.... so 1980! :)

Thanks again for any help you can offer.


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Have you considered using ScriptMaster's Create Folder module?


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See if this helps:

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      bBox is a FileMaker plug-in providing easy integration with shell, AppleScript, Python, and Ruby scripts. Freely available with a comprehensive demo file.
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      Running on Mac OS, and need this script to move come files (.jpgs) out of a particular calculated folder/filename sequence.
      I've got this working in a separate applescript (to install said jpg files), but it's built slightly differently.
      The issue I'm getting is this: it errors out, and I get "Expected expression but found uknown token."...
      Not really sure what's causing this, but I suspect it's my escape marks that are not setup properly....
      could any kind soul look at this and give me a little feedback?
      Here's the calculated AppleScript:
      "set myShCMD to \\\"mv /Volume/FOLDERNAME/FOLDERNAME/ \\\" & CALCULATEDFILENAME & " \".jpg /Volumes/FOLDER2/FOLDER2/\\\"" & ¶ &
      "myMountAFPVol()"  & ¶ &
      "do shell script myShCMD"  & ¶ &
      "myUmountAFPVol()"  & ¶ &
      "on myMountAFPVol()"  & ¶ &
      "            tell application \"Finder\""  & ¶ &
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      "on myUmountAFPVol()"  & ¶ &
      "            tell application \"Finder\""  & ¶ &
      "                        eject \"MOUNT\""  & ¶ &
      "            end tell"  & ¶ &
      "end myUmountAFPVol" & ¶
      BTW, this is running in Server 9.0v3, though i'm rather doubtful that matters(?)....
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      I am trying to get FileMaker to extract the content of the inbox in mail.  The code works on my computer but on my clients it has an issue.  The code sets cell "g_Email_Inbox" and when I query that cell from applescript it returns its contents but within FileMaker on my client's machine NaDa.  It displays as empty and any scripts within filemaker see the field as empty.  I have attached the script for your use.  Both new up to date machines. Client is running FM13 while I'm on 14.  I will confirm that is not the issue but I suspect it is not.
      Really need so thoughts on this ... Im stumped
      Mail GetMessages.scpt
    • By Jeff M
      I could really use some help! I'm in a crunch and need a solution fast. Any Applescript FileMaker gurus out there?
      My client sends me (usually weekly) batches of excel documents... hundreds of them. I've created import scripts and parsing scripts to get the data from the excel document into FileMaker, but I need a solid way of batching the import process. Below I'll explain what I currently have, but it's very clunky and errors out quite often, so I could really use some guidance. I can look at applescripts and for the most part understand what they are doing, but I'm no scripter.
      Basic need: Trigger import process in which one at a time, the excel documents are imported into my database and a few additional scripts are run internally. The excel documents come to me as .xlsm files, which FileMaker doesn't like. To overcome this, I change the name to .xls before importing.
      Here's what I currently have:
      An applescript app called "Auto-Import" I startup when I'm ready to import a batch. It looks at an IN folder. One by one, it moves the files to a WORKING folder, changes the name, then calls on FileMaker to do a script. FileMaker is set to look for a static file named "importme.xls" in the WORKING folder. It imports, then runs a couple of parsing scripts. After a short delay, the Applescript app changes the filename back to its original name, then moves it to the DONE folder, after which it moves to the next item in the list from the IN folder.
      I found this applescript somewhere and changed the paths and delay amounts until I got it to work...sort of. As you can imagine, I get lots of errors from FileMaker or Applescript trying to move on a do something before the other has finished. Boo.
      Seems like the better way would be to have applescript code within the FileMaker scripts, so everything is controlled by FileMaker. I'm open to any and all suggestions. Or if you know of something similar, point me to it. Please help!