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Value List from database does not show up on php page consistently-it will after Refreshing page

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I am having an issue with a value list not showing up on my php page consistently.  Most times the value list appears as it should. Some times it will come up blank.  If I REFRESH the page, then it usually appears.  I don't think my coding is incorrect because it works most of the time.  Why would I have to refresh the page for it to appear.  Does it have to do with the server connection…?  I do display other fields on the php page, like name and email address, but the value list is the only one that does not show up all the time.



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Hi I've had this issues for years.  Have you found a solution?

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Hi Phanman,

dcooley hasn’t return to the FM Forums since posting this question on September 16, 2014

Why not take this opportunity to explain your situation and not confuse the older post with your own need.

Are you still using v9? If not, Please update your profile to reflect your current version of FileMaker Pro, Operating System, and Platform,  a current Profile helps us to see important information when answering your questions. Also, it makes in unnecessary for you to have to state this information in your questions.

Take a look at Anatomy of a Good Topic for some information about how to ask a question.



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