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    • (SYLVANIA, OH, USA, March 2018) - New Leaf Data, LLC is excited to announce the immediate availability of FM Inventory Starter (FMIS).  Built on the FileMaker platform, FMIS is an ideal starter application for organizations and teams with inventory management needs, including:

      • Manufacturers

      • Distributors

      • Warehouses

      • Procurement Teams

      • Sales Teams

      FMIS includes the tables and fields needed for an inventory management solution.  FMIS also has over 40 desktop layouts, including 3 templates.  

      FMIS is extremely flexible.  FMIS is not an off-the-shelf solution.  Minimal scripting ensures that your organization can define your own business logic to meet your needs.  FMIS also has a minimal relationship graph, enabling you to build your system on the graph model of your choice.

      FMIS includes an overview course to help you quickly learn how to use this flexible tool.

      FMIS is free.  Course and download information can be found here.

      Additional courses include:

      • Order Types (e.g. Sales Order, Purchase Order Work Order, etc. using the universal data model).

      • Storing Quantity Values

      • Transactions

      • Navigation (available in April 2018)

      Courses include written descriptions, video tutorials, and downloadable demo files.  The courses are optional and start at $99.

      New Leaf Data, LLC is a FileMaker Business Alliance company in northwest Ohio.  New Leaf Data, LLC created the website FileMaker Inventory Resources.
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    • Michael Layne from Gearbox Solutions presents on FileMaker’s new JSON functions. He does a deep dive into FileMaker’s new JSON functions and demos several examples of how they are using JSON for passing parameters, populating form data, validation and rollback, managing session info such as value lists as global. Michael also demos REST client and REST server with new data API.
      The post FileMaker JSON, REST, and the Data API appeared first on Blue Feather - FileMaker Developer, Android, Web.
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    • The Women of FileMaker organization is sponsoring a Pause On Error FileMaker Conference May 7th-8th in New Orleans.  More information at the website:


      Steven H. Blackwell
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    • Like a Boss: Let us Discuss the FileMaker Let Function
      The FileMaker Let function is your tool to make a calculation readable, well formatted and easy to debug. Let us discuss how it can be used.

      The post Like a Boss: Let us Discuss the FileMaker Let Function appeared first on Geist Interactive.
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    • FileMaker offers many different options for charting, but if you need a chart that is not available in FileMaker, you should consider using Google Charts. Google Charts is a free Javascript framework that can be used in conjunction with web viewers in FileMaker to extend your charting capabilities.
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    • By Todd Geist in Geist Interactive
      GoDraw3 is the FileMaker Drawing Tool. It provides a lot of functionality for users, and gives great flexibility for FileMaker developers. Take a look and see how to Draw in FileMaker.
      The post GoDraw3: The FileMaker Drawing Tool appeared first on Geist Interactive.

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    • By dbservices in DB Services Blog
      Electronic data interchange (EDI) is used by businesses to electronically exchange standard business documents. EDI standards can speed up business by simplifying communication between two companies. Check out how FileMaker can help your business by Integrating with EDI!
      Learn More Here!

    • By FileMaker Magazine in FileMaker Magazine
      FileMaker Pro has some very simple and straight-forward validation options. For example, if you only want one field named email to only ever have a single copy of a given email, you choose the Unique option in the Validations section of the field's options.
      But, what if you want to allow a given contact record to have multiple email addresses. How do you check for uniqueness across multiple fields? The same email could appear within one field and then would be perfectly valid in a second field which doesn't contain the original email.
      Well, here's the solution. Watch this video and use the provided technique file to simply copy the solution into your own FileMaker database. We'll use some creative tricks in order to make the process both robust and very powerful!
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    • By Todd Geist in Geist Interactive
      FileMaker Security is like leveling up your character in a video game: get to the level that is best for your data. Here we examine the levels of security.
      The post FileMaker Security: Leveling Up a Custom App appeared first on Geist Interactive.

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    • By John Mark Osborne in The Philosophy of FileMaker
      I've mentioned FLF (Find-List-Form) in several other articles on this web site but I think it's so important that I wanted to devote an entire article to the subject. So many developers have moved so far away from the roots of FileMaker that they almost don't even know what they are. Then they teach other budding FileMaker developers wacky workarounds for something that is so easy to accomplish with basic FileMaker tools, and these impressionable minds think it's always the right approach. Yes, sometimes we need a good workaround but most of the time we just need good FileMaker fundamentals.

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