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    • Karbon Webinar – Getting Started
      Free webinar introducing Karbon our free application framework for building ambitious custom business applications. If you are interested in using the FileMaker Workplace Innovation Platform at a high level you'll probably want to see what we have cooked up.
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    • CNS Plug-ins
      Don't forget our Texas-sized DevCon Discount is available until the end of August (31st, 2018)! Take 30% off all orders, even upgrade and renewal orders. Just use the coupon code "DevCon 2018" when you check out.
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    • FMForums.com
      Enjoy a 20% FMForums run of site banner advertising.
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    • FM BetterForms, Delfs' Engineering
      There is no easier way to publish FM responsive data on the web that's scalable. 
      FM BetterForms ( www.fmbetterforms.com ) is now in limited VIP Developer Preview. We have 8 seats left in this preview round before pricing increases in the next round (Aug 12, 2018 )

      For only $499 /yr. you will be able to publish unlimited sites and layouts*.  After DevCon the price will climb to our final launch offering.
      *Vertical SAAS applications require a single license.
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    • The Scarpetta Group
      Get a 30% discount on Jarvis CRM 5.0
      Winner of the 2017 FileMaker Business Alliance Excellence Award for Design
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    • By dbservices in DB Services Blog
      For many professionals, their calendar is an important tool that helps keep things running smoothly.
      In this article we cover how to integrate your Outlook calendar with FileMaker to keep you staying on top of your efficiency game!
      Be sure to check out FileMaker Outlook Calendar Integration

      Joseph Yeager
    • By John Mark Osborne in The Philosophy of FileMaker
      Clients are always asking me why the contents of portals do not duplicate along with a record. It makes sense. Portal data looks like it's part of the parent record so it should duplicate just like the local fields, right? After explaining how relationships work, the client still wants the related data to duplicate. The great thing is, the script isn't that difficult to write. There's just a few gotchas, opportunities for efficiency and, of course, the patented Philosophy of FileMaker considerations.

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    • By fabriceN in 1-more-blog
      Aux bords du lac de Paladru ( Isère ) on trouve d’autres trésors que ceux laissés par les chevaliers paysans de l’an mil… On y dégote par exemple des développeurs FileMaker chevronnés ! En cette fin d’année 2018, nous sommes ravis d’accueillir dans l’équipe de 1-more-thing Yann Trauchessec, un développeur multi-langage avec comme prédilection celui […]
      Cet article Bienvenue Yann ! est apparu en premier sur 1-more-thing.

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    • By Todd Geist in Geist Interactive
      We at Geist Interactive, Barbara, Dave, Lance, Jeremy and Todd (and the ghosts) wish everyone a happy holiday. No matter your celebration plans this season, we wish it to be full of warmth and love and joy. Thank you for coming along with us as we continue to push what is possible in FileMaker and […]
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    • By FileMaker Magazine in FileMaker Magazine
      If it's not obvious by the types of videos I produce, one of my most favorite areas of software development and design is the user interface. It's where the real test of your software happens. A user either "gets it" or not. If they don't, then you're back to the drawing board.
      Of course, there's always the learning curve which is present for anyone, but if you can create something that has less of a learning curve, then you feel like a winner.
      In this video, I cover a wide variety of topics related to FileMaker development. The video introduces a subtle ui widget which I implemented based on the intended usage of the software. This is what reflects the real process of software development within FileMaker. Not just taking the super obvious approach, but the one which might make more sense to the user and is a bit more difficult for the developer to implement.
      This requires you to know how to get things done in FileMaker and implement a feature which is user friendly and facilitates a fluid workflow process.
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