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Estimates & invoices only printing 18 line items

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I would like to start by thanking the developers for such a wonderful solution. Our organization has been successfully adapted FM starting point to our current needs.

However one of the biggest challenges we have right now comes from having the invoices and Estimates List more than 18 items when they print. I have read in another discussion that was solution for it however I wasn't able to truly grasp the meaning of it. Any help I could get to solve this would be truly appreciated.

Thank you.

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So update on creating Invoices and Estimates... that are multi-pages.   I shot a video on this... and now I remember why I was trying to avoid this.  Explaining this issue in a video is a challenge.   The completed video probably be 20 Minutes +.  The raw shoot was 34 minutes.

Also... when FMSP 4.7 ships...sometime by the Middle of Sept... it will have this built in... so you can look at a completed multi-Invoice Print... script...and also watch the video.

For those who have the FileMaker Pro 15 Video course, the video on this technique will be video #0550.

ETA on the video is 10 days.
I sent BioPlasma the rough version of the videos... so he can chew on it now.  It you desperate to see this video EARLY... and you a Pro Video Course subscriber... let me know...and I will hook you up.
email me directly (for prompt service):  [email protected]

All the best,
Richard Carlton

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This topic is 2790 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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