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TIME SHEET for Staff


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I have found the time billing template in Filemaker with what I want

The layout of Time Billing Details I think will give me all I want

Thing is do not need all the other additional layouts etc

To give you an understanding of what I am trying to create is

A restaurant hire  3 to 5 the boss wants a simple system of putting in their times for the week put in pay rate then put tax deduction also any other minus money eg they bought some rice etc

Next layout shows their pay slip details hit print and it prints the slips for those that worked skip the ones that did not

ok layout options are 1 staff details 2 Time Imput Details 3 Yearly Tax Print

At the end of year print out their tax statement

Trying to make it as simple user imput friendly

Did try modify this time billing from filemaker but loose it because of relationship links in it  

I am trying to make it so she open file it goes to time sheet she puts in time for each day after all entries hit print out come sheets to give staff

Find attatched my effort of file layouts now trying to work out formula etc a beginner at this

Ok got a bit further have added pop box for time start and finish now to create calc for hours worked



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I did not remember this had a bmp picture template as it been 25 meg hence wish to delete it 

The file in first post is too big due to picture delete it please or do not download

Find attatched wages v1.0.rar file It contains 2 files

Wages v1.0 my file created 

Time Cards inject to wages    Found on net it does days of week but no pay rate and tax return

Ignore the bloated file or PLEASE DELETE IT .................


Wages v1.0.rar

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to inform you to about big file Wages.fmp12
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This topic is 2755 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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