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Filemaker Developer for Remote Development and Support


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We have need for a filemaker developer/consultant to make modifications to an existing Filemaker 12 database. The database makes use of a number of scripts to "synchronise" records with a second Filemaker database hosted on a windows web server.

Changes to be made to the database include debugging the existing scripts and fixing bad design in the table relationships.

The primary database is hosted in north queensland, Australia. However due to the remoteness of the location we are expecting that it will be necessary to work remotely with a developer. Access can be provided via VNC or LogMeIn. Ideally we'd like someone in a time-zone close to the East coast of Australia (and ideally within Australia), but we are willing to consider offshore developers as well.

I am an experienced web and database developer with other technologies, and I would feel most comfortable with a Filemaker developer who also had experience with SQL databases (I don't mind which ones: SQL Server, Postgres, MySQL, Oracle etc) and other programming or scripting languages in addition to Filemaker.

In addition to a series of one-off changes to the database, we would be interested in someone who can provide ongoing support.

If you are interested, please leave your contact details here, or send me a private message for more details.

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Hi DanS,

If you are still needing support, please contact me off list at [email protected]. We offer flexible development and support plans that might fit your needs.

Thanks and I look forward to speaking with you.

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Hi all,

I do apologise for the slow reply. I did get a few private messages back when I posted it late last year. I was scouting on behalf of a client of mine who is looking to move forward with some upgrades to their filemaker system (and needs ongoing support).

The whole project got put on hold for a while, but it's back on the go now.

Thanks to those from the US who offered their help. At this stage we're focused on finding someone in Australia as a priority. We might look to the US if we couldn't find someone in Australia.

The issue with the US is that the timezones are so far apart our working days don't overlap at all! That's not such a problem for development, but the support component needs to be there: I doubt many of you would appreciate an urgent call from Australia at 2:30 in the morning! (4:30pm our end - and we all know how machines and software love to break down at 4:30pm).





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This topic is 2419 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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