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KassK    0

Hi, Is there a way to have popover button within a popover button?  when I have tried this and double click to open it in layout mode the tool options open but not the button itself.  Can anyone help or advice me what I am doing wrong?


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dansmith65    83
4 hours ago, KassK said:

Is there a way to have popover button within a popover button?


You could have the second popover somewhere else and have a button on the first popover open the second popover by object name. If you did this, the first popover would close and the second one would open.

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    • By bcooney
      Sanity check here...I want to use a popover with a portal to help a user select from a long list of choices in Find Mode. Apparently, I cannot do that. I've tried to populate a global in the parent table and use a relationship with the global on the left to display related children in the portal. Nothing shows. I then switched to a virtual list of choices where the $$vlist is populated by SQL. $$vlist has data..portal shows nothing.
      Is Find Mode unable to use such a technique?
      I did follow Kevin Frank's tutorial on conditional value lists in Find Mode. That works wonderfully, except my first popup is too long -- really need that picker! 
    • By fyanesv
      Hi, I’m really Stuck , any suggestions would be most appreciated.
      Problem :
      I need to replicate a particular behavior of the PopOver that is inside a Portal.
      When inserting or editing portal Rows via popOvers, the data updates in the portal before “committing”. 
      Trying to replicate this behavior according to this rules: 
      -. Using Transactions and Data modeling.
      .- Data not updated at the portal before committing (refreshing portal by trigger or exiting a field doesn't work).
      .- Data not updated at the portal as inserts or edits are been made (same as above). 
      .- Inserts or Edits are made outside the portal in the same layout (no modals, Using SlideControl).
      .- Not using PopOvers inside portal.
      .- Portal is not accesible by user it only shows the list of items been inserted or updated.
      I have tried different approaches but no solution yet, trying to replicate behavior has been very frustrating.
      Filtered Single Line portals and Magic Key with different Techniques and different relationship approaches, I have not tried Globals via Scripts which I presume could be a solution but don’t have much to start with!!!.
      For the record:
      A few months ago I started implementing “Selector Conector and Transactions”,  I´m not so sure I have correctly implemented this.
      I have prepared a Sample file (is not the actual solution) with very simple use of Transactions and Data Modeling, it shows different approaches I have tried. Used some technics learned here at this forum which have been very helpful.
      Approaches number 1 and number 2 from the Sample file are not the preferred, but merely show the behavior I´m trying to replicate.
      A script at start creates small window that shows records are been created in child's table even tough it won’t update the portal before commiting when using technics 3 and 4 from the Sample file.
      Hope my explanation makes any sense. 
      Thanks in advance, and cheers to all 
      PS.: Check the green Framed Portal at the right hand side of the layout´s Sample file for a cool technique that I designed, it uses  “Hide Object when”, and a combination of formatting the Button and portal row (Padding), which makes the illusion of an X circle appearing on the right side when Hovering portal rows, mostly used for deleting. Hope any one has a use for it.
    • By H
      in my solution  my customer has a list of all its projects in a portal.
      the portal row is a popover button where it displays limited related information to that project to the customer.
      i want to create a button in the popover which would fire an email requesting  more information about the project.
      However i run into a problem    , i tried to set varaible of the customer and project  howeever of the project it does not capture the correct one just any  / the first project created.
      How would i get my button to capture the correct project related in that poover button?
    • By Brad Mathews
      I think I have a relationship problem here even though the problem appears to be with the Portal or Popover.
      As you can see from Screenshot1, the popover is showing the data for the wrong record. Interestingly, clicking the Go to Full Record button which calls Go To Related Record does go to the correct record as indicated in the Portal.
      This is also happening with the Siblings Portal, see Screenshot2. However, the Go to Full Record button on siblings portal behaving differently - it is going to the record showing in the popover which is the same record being display. So it goes nowhere of course.
      The Relations screenshot shows the relevant relationships as well as the more complicated one I am using to get the siblings.
      On the Parents layout I am doing the same thing - showing Students via the Parents_Students and Related Parents and the popovers are working fine.
      Let me know if you need more data.
      - Brad

    • By BeginnerForever
      I have a db with two tables: 1) Company_info 2) Contact_info.  I would like the ability to create new contacts while in the Company_info table.  I set up a popover button in the Company_info table to do that,  but it only creates a new record in the Contact_info table without any related data.  When using it to create a new record in the Contact_info table I can't figure out how to make it copy over the "Company_name" field to the new record in the Contact_info table.  The two tables were set up with a one to many relationship connecting the two IDs. (The first ID value is "Comp0001" for the Company table and "Con0001" for the Contacts table).
      All attempts to use "Insert Calculated Result" to move over the data in the "Company_name" have failed.

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