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Using variables to find a db field: PHP FM12

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Hi, I have a field called 'mytournament1'.  I also have a field called 'mytournament1played'.  With a form, I create the variable $tournament to bring 'mytournament1' to my results page.

$tournament = $_GET['tournament'];

I'd like to force the results page to search for the field 'mytournament1played' for each record by using the variable $tournament and combining the word 'played' or the variable $played.  

$played = 'played';

$tournamentplayed = $tournament . $played;

$tournamentplayed2 = $record->getField('$tournamentplayed');

(I want it to deliver)      $record->getField('mytournament1played');

I know the 1st '$record->getField' line is wrong.  Can I combine 2 variables that spell out a database field name (mytournament1played) that can be used to call up a field in a search?  i.e.

if ($tournamentplayed2!='1') {

thanks in advance for your help!


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      Moving from FMP 14 to FMP 17.  
      PHP getValueListTwoFields works on FMP 14. —> 500 error on FMP 17.
      if I comment out the command the page displays just fine.
      I have tried many things nothing works.
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      $layout =& $fm->getLayout('phpPTRequest');
      $values = $layout->getValueListTwoFields("VLReason");
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      I'm surte this is quite a simple task ... for someone expert
      I see I can export Record content using a Variable as the new filename for the exported file.
      I have more than 1200 records in my db and I hope to export 3 fields using one [fieldname: Title] as a filename.
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      Running FMS 13 and trying to run a simple PHP page from my website to access a database, but I'm only getting a blank page.  Not sure if it's a port forwarding issue or a PHP issue, or something else.  If I put my .php file and the includes ("FileMaker.php" file and "FileMaker" folder from the FMS PHP .zip file) in the fmi-test folder on my FM server and access it locally (http://localhost/fmi-test/myphpfile.php), the PHP file works fine and returns data, so I don't think it has any inherent issues, and presumably my FMS is set up correctly.  Putting the same .php file and includes on my web server, though, results in a blank page only.  The includes are in the same directory as the php file itself.  Here's the php file (I've changed the IP address and database names to protect the innocent but they're correct):
      ini_set('display_errors', 1);
      include_once('FileMaker.php');  /* have also used require, include, and require_once with no change */

      $fm = new FileMaker("MyDatabase", "http://myfilemakerserver:8888", "Admin", "");   /*no password*/
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      if (FileMaker::isError($result)) {
      $record = $result->getFirstRecord();
      $name = $record->getField("Customer Name");
      $status = $record->getField("Status");
      echo("$name - $status");
      Infuriatingly I get no errors or feedback, just a blank page when I run this file from my website (but again it works fine locally on the FM server machine). I've confirmed PHP is working on my website as I can do a simple phpinfo() file in the same directory and it runs fine and displays the PHP info.  If I direct a web browser to the same "http://myfilemakerserver:8888" (not the real address obviously, but it is port 8888) I get the "Filemaker Database Server Website" page, so the port forwarding seems to be correct.  I have port 8888 forwarding to port 80 of my FM Server.  I don't have port 443 forwarded to that machine as that's being used for another device on our network, but I assume if I'm not making "https" requests that it should work fine (but maybe that's my problem?).  
      I assume it's just something simple but I've been beating my head against a wall for the better part of the day on this.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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      I am attempting to use the following script in a Database:
      Set Variable [$supplierCount; Value: ValueCount ( List ( Suppliers::UUID ) )] Set Variable [$month; Value: MonthName ( Get ( CurrentDate ) )] Set Variable [$suppliers; Value: List ( Suppliers::UUID )] Loop Set Variable [$i; Value: $i+1] Exit Loop If [$i > $supplierCount] New Record/Request Set Field [Month::Month; $month] Set Field [Month::fk_Supplier; GetValue ($suppliers ; $i )] End Loop  
      When I run it, however, it creates zero New Records within my "Month" database.
      I'm not sure what the issue is. My only hunch is that the List function isn't properly creating a List of the "Suppliers::UUID" field, and is causing the ValueCount taken of it to return 0.
      Please let me know of any additional information I can provide, and thank you in advance for any assistance you can offer!
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      Hi all experts (hopefully), I have just upgraded from FMS12 to FMS16. On the FMS12 server we are running a php solution. I have installed 16 onto a new server, uploaded all the databases (all successfully running) and have copied the php website to the new location on the 16 server. I can see the website from home (so I know the website is in the right place and the DNS s working) BUT I can't seem to connect to the database successfully. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance. 
      Oh, and it is accessed with https
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