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Download Container Data via PHP to local Server

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we are using a little sync script via php, which allows us to store all data from a FileMaker DB into our internal MySQL-Database. 
The only problem iam unable to solve is how to download images from container fields and store them local on our web server. 

I tried something like:

foreach($recordsPersons as $recordPersonsData) {

          //saving images to /srv/www/htdocs/
          $url_orig = urlencode($recordPersonsData->getField('FotoDatei'));

          // Search for the extension of the file 
          $url = substr($url_orig, 0, strpos($url_orig, "?")); 
          $url = substr($url_orig, strrpos($url_orig, ".") + 1); 

          // Send the correct Content-Type header 
          if($url == "jpg"){ 
              header('Content-type: image/jpeg'); 
          } else if($url == "gif"){ 
              header('Content-type: image/gif'); 
          } else{ 
              header('Content-type: application/octet-stream'); 

          // save file local.
          file_put_contents('/srv/www/htdocs/testfilepicture.jpg', $fm->getContainerData($url_orig));

I was using this reference: http://blog.myfmbutler.com/?p=104

This Code-Snipped works well, but only writes "getContainerData() does not support remote containers" into testfilepicture.jpg..

We are using FileMaker Server 14.

Any Ideas?

Thanks in advance and Cheers

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