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Losing fmapp extended privilege after uploading to server


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Hi - 

I've had something odd happen a few times after uploading a local file to Filemaker Server.  The server instance is being hosted by Soliant in their cloud, but I'm assuming this is not an issue of their particular configuration. 

I had enabled the fmapp privilege for appropriate privilege sets before uploading.  It worked at first, but then later, users were unable to access the hosted file.  I discovered that the fmapp extended priv was disabled for their priv set. I thought maybe I hadn't set it when I thought I did.

However, today - the same thing happened with my full access priv set and I was unable to get in on the server to fix it as a result.  Fortunately, it's a new db and no real data was entered yet, so I could fix locally and replace on the server.  What's stranger is that the local file had lost the privilege too - so it's not something that happened just to the file on the server - but rather, it appears to be something that is happening as a result of the upload process.   I'm not sure yet if it's getting cleared on the local file and then impacts the server the next time I do an upload or if it happens on both.  

But it definitely is getting disabled. 

I did find a couple other mentions of this on the web but no real explanation or solution. 

Any thoughts from you all?  Is this a bug or is their some particular way one should upload files to server that I'm not doing?



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If you use the FMS admin console, does it show FMP/GO as being enabled for that file? You could also use the admin console to close and download a copy of the file to inspect locally as well.


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Yes FMP/GO is enabled for the file.

I did enable the local network sharing in the file before uploading to avoid getting errors about sharing not being enabled.  Any chance that could cause problems?

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This topic is 1591 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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