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Greg Hains

Launching apps in Go

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Good morning.

Does anybody know how to launch IOS apps from Go please? I am looking to open the calculator.


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not all apps have a url scheme like FMGo, you may Try using the "shortcuts://"  and then build a shortcut to open the calculator. 



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Hi Ocean West.

Thank you for this information. I saw these Shortcut URLs before but could not see one for calculator - so thought there was another method I could employ within Filemaker.  I'll keep digging in the URL Shortcut area. 


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      Our people out in the field take photos which go directly into the container fields, we would like those photos to automatically transfer to the camera roll/gallery. I know there is an export command and that would allow the techs to export and choose the location, save image etc... But that is a tad too complicated for them.
      Any suggestions on how to automate this process, the script for export field contents doesn't have a choice to save to camera roll.
      Thank you!
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      I am starting to implement a solution within FileMaker Go. At the moment I do have video files which are showing in FileMaker Pro but not in FileMaker Go. When importing the video files I've selected "Store only a reference".
      The file itself reside on an external drive which has been connected through the Apple AFP protocol.
      When looking at the properties on the iPad it shows "moviemac:/directory name/filename.mp4". I would have thought the file should have been named "moviemac:/Volumes/directory name/filename.mp4".
      The iPad is connected through the ethernet (RJ45) directly to my own network. The computers (FileMaker Pro) and the iPad (FileMaker Go) are accessible from FileMaker Server. The FileMaker Go application "VideoFile"  becomes available through the Host called "pzoomvideo-filemaker-server.local". 
      Why going with FileMaker Go?
      I am selecting the FileMaker go because I am intending to use the complete set of functionality provided with AVPlayer. The VideoFile filemaker Go application is to be accessible about 300 to 500 feet away from the server. I am then using ethernet rather than wifi because of reliability and connectivity.
      - Why those external video file (MP4) do not show on the iPad when the application is open? How do I make video file stored on an external drive to show in FIleMaker Go?
      - Why does it take so long for the apps stored on the Host network to show and to become available?
      Thanks in advance!

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      Hi All and Happy New Year!
      We would like to have a shortcut to our database on the iPad, so instead of clicking on Filemaker Go and going to the launch center and it displaying databases., we want the endusers to click on the database shortcut so it goes right to the login screen to make it one step and more intuitive for the users. We have an offline file on the iPad, and there is also the file hosted on the Filemaker. We sync the offline with the online version via MirrorSync. Anyway we trying to eliminate confusion on which file to open.
      Thank you, any help is always appreciated!
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      Greets, all:
      I'm confused: If you go to FileMaker's page concerning screen stencils (https://support.filemaker.com/s/article/Using-Screen-Stencils-to-design-iOS-friendly-layouts-using-FileMaker-Go-14-or-higher-1503693076890?language=en_US), it lists the Width x Heigh resolution settings for the iPad 10.5" (2018) as follows:
      Orientation Width Height (UI shown) Height (UI Hidden) Portrait 834 1004 1092 44 44 Landscape 1112 726 814 44 44 The thing is, the layout's right-hand border in the FM Go solution I'm building (using landscape only) is about a centimeter shy of the right side of the screen using the recommended 1112 width; however, it fills up nicely at 1200, so what am I missing between what FileMaker says is the recommended width and the width I'm trying?
      Also, I noticed that glyphs aren't showing up in date fields where you enable the calendar icon (at least in the desktop version.) 
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      I have created a number of free-standing backgammon quizzing files in Filemaker for use on an iPad.  What I want is to allow people to go to my website on their ipads, click on a download button, and have the file imported to their device and open in Filemaker Go. Then they can use it on their own -- no connection to a hosted file is necessary, no further data updates to the file are needed.
      I am hosting the filemaker quiz files on Google Drive.  When I initially set this up, it was working fine - - and it still works fine if I try it on my desktop machine -- the file appears in my downloads file.  But one day I tried it, and the download no longer triggers -- I get stuck in a loop where I click 'download' on the google drive screen and nothing much happens.
      I have no idea what could have changed since August when I first set this up - - but it's just not working any longer.
      Can anyone suggest what's gone wrong, or how I might better navigate this simple need? Here's the web-page in question.  The Quiz files are at the bottom of the page.
      Just tap on one of the 'Taskmaster' images from your iPad to attempt a download.
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