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Devcon Preview: monitoring AND healing our FMS

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This topic is 838 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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    • By mleiser
      Here's a strange question. I have a parents table and a student table. I have a field in the student table that creates the student name concatenated with their grade. In the parent table I have a field that puts all the parents children and their grades in one line for a printout. I use the substitute(list(student.... function. Works fine. Is their any way to get different fonts for different students in that line? If a student is in a certain grade I need it to be in a different font within the same line. Each parent's children, some in font a and some in font b depending on the grade. I know it sounds a little crazy, but any ideas? Thanks
    • By cincin
      Where can I find the installer files for the Mac version of FileMaker 18 Server? All that's available on the Claris website now is version 19.
    • By mleiser
      Is there a way to format a number into dollars and cents with dollar sign, not in the layout, but in the database or email message, where I ultimately need it? TIA
    • By mleiser
      I have some graphic pictures on some of my layouts. When you click on them you can resize them. I got a new jpg file and when I want to put it on the layout it says it has to make the page larger but when it inserts it I can't amke it smaller. It's one large picture. How do I make the jpg file smaller to fit properly on a layout? Tha handles just don't come up. TIA.
      I put it on a separste new blank layout and was able to make it smaller. It's a shame you can tell it not to enlarge your layout and just make it smaller the first time. Anyway, I got it. Thanks.
    • By mleiser
      When I start Filemaker and go to my hosts favorites I see icons of all my favorite files. The names of some of the files are longer than the icon line and I have files named the same except for the end which says 2021 or 2022 etc. I can't see that year so they all look the same. I was looking to see if I can change it from icons to a list but don't see where. There is an option when looking at the hosts files. Is there a way to do it?
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