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FileMaker closes when Popover is closed

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Hello all

On FM 18.03, the closing of a popover, the button of which is in each row of a portal, causes FileMaker to close.

This appears to only happen when the fields which are in that popover (the portal records) are edited.

Has anyone else experienced this?


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Are you able to reproduce this problem in a new file? If yes, post the file so others may test it too.

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Hi Comment

Please find attached. I think this is down to some poorly made filtering formulas in the portal:

1. The problem doesn't occur if I delete around 7000 of the portal records
2. It also doesn't occur if I remove the carriage returns from:
PatternCount ( ¶ & Clients::multikey_Cloud_Machines & ¶  ; ¶ &  Machines::ID & ¶ )) in the portal filter
3. However if I remove all the other filters and leave just the above one (with carriage returns) it is also OK



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I cannot reproduce the problem:



However, in my experience portal filtering becomes unusably slow when the number of records to filter exceeds a few thousands. Perhaps you're experiencing a memory overflow problem.

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Did you click away from the popover as soon as you had populated the field? And are you on 18.03? I just tried it on version 17 and the issue didn't occur.


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5 minutes ago, sal88 said:

Did you click away from the popover as soon as you had populated the field? 


5 minutes ago, sal88 said:

And are you on 18.03? Under macOS 10.13.6.

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This seems to be an ongoing problem ... is it the same portal by chance?


Windows has, over its years, suffered from crashing portals.  I don't remember the specifics but one issue had to do with corrupt fonts.  Have you tried creating a new portal completely?  How about on a new layout?  Have you ever ran Recover on a copy of that file and see if it still breaks?

added: I won't bother testing since I'm using precisely same FM/OS as Michael.

I agree completely though, that filtering a portal is not a good idea with many records.  

Edited by LaRetta

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Great memory LaRetta! It is a different portal, but what a coincidence that the issue occurred after an upgrade.

I've tried a brand new portal and tables etc but no luck.

For now I have replaced:
PatternCount ( ¶ & Clients::multikey_Cloud_Machines & ¶  ; ¶ &  Machines::ID & ¶ )
not IsEmpty ( FilterValues ( Home_Clients::multikey_Cloud_Machines ; Home_Machines::ID ))

This has fixed it, though you can still see a delay when the popover is being closed. If it comes up again I will implement a multikey field relationship, the multikey field being updated on record entry.

Thank you both for your help!

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It has crashed a few times (far less frequently however).

I have gone for the global multikey field option, party populated by ExecuteSQL. Filter criteria is now only user defined.

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