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printing QR codes on a label from filemaker

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i would rather not use a plug in if possible.
I would of thought printing bar codes would be important in filemaker for stock control systems etc..?


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Barcodes are not native to FileMaker in some cases I have printed barcodes using a FONT installed on the machine printing but this is limited to 1D codes like 3of9 etc. 

2D barcodes like a QR code requires a bit more maths to compute the image.

you can purchase this https://www.geistinteractive.com/products/filemaker-barcode/ and add it to your own solution its not a plugin but a module that does this task. 

Does your workflow require a QR code? what are you storing on the image - if your just printing a serial number or some identifier to find a record in your database then QR is a bit overkill.

You probably already know that QR is designed to contain data about the item its affixed to  - any smartphone can read a QR code and either read the data it contains or even offer a URL. 



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Hi Thanks for your reply,  I don't really know anything about bar codes or qr codes. i like the qr codes as they can be a small square on a small label. 
I can print qr codes form my label printer but I have to enter the data  and i was hoping to print them directly from the filemaker database.
i am not keen on plug ins as when stuff gets updated sometimes plug ins fall behind and can have issues..  so i prefer to not use them.
i did install a barcode font  but for some reason it won't read into FMgo on an iphone?


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some barcode need a control character prefixed and suffix to the Text or number in order for the reader to decode the data.

In the second post above there a free API service you can send a string to and get back a barcode that you can print.

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