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Scribe 4.03 Problem writing images to Excel

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I modified an old script from a solution that exports rows of text fields with 1 image per row to xlsx. I don't know what version of the plugin was deployed with that solution, but images don't work when done with the older $result = ScribeDocWriteValue () or the newer script step. The plugin works without any errors but when opening the file I get "We found a problem with some content...Do you want to to try to recover as much as we can?" The resulting file is only 10K, whereas the image sizes vary from 200 - 600k, so it appears that the images are not being embedded.


I'm testing with Scribe 4.03 and FMPA 16.0.5.



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    • By jcoulter105
      I am evaluating Scribe before purchasing.  I need to be able to read data from specific cells in Excel documents, which Scribe would appear to be able to do.  Per the docs, I am using ScribeDocLoad first, which is generating the attached Java error.  I have also tried accessing the file using the demo included with the plug-in, and it generates the same error as my application.  I've attached the excel file that I'm trying to access.
      I am using ProAdvanced 17.0.4 on a Windows 10 machine and FM Server 17.0.2

    • By redecom
      I have a strange problem. I load an empty excel doc from a containerfield. The loadDoucment is succesfull. Then I write some text and numbers to specific cells in the excel doc with ScribeDocWriteValue . At the end of my script I write the excelfile to a file on disk with ScribeDocSaveFile(get(documentPath)&"testxxx.xlsx") ( xxx is variable so I never overwrite existing file ).

      This all works fine the first time. I can open de saved file with excel without problem, and all my values are there.
      If I run the the same script again there are still no errors from scribe. But if I open the resulting excel file Excel gives me an error, stating that there are errors in the document. Excel gives me an option to repair, and then the resulting doc leaves out all cells that were filled with text.

      I have to stop Filemaker, and restart it and then the script will output one more correct file. How can I prevent this behaviour?
      I use a non registered copy op scribe, because i am in the process of evaluating if Scribe can fullfill my needs.
      I am on Windows 7 and Office 2007.

      Hope someone can help
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