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I go into my FM server like I always did before. The only difference is I'm coming in through teamviewer as I'm not in the office. I get this message and just don't know what to do:

I get the following error message. Tried to push the button to start database on the top left and it's hanging.
The database server is not available
admin console functionality is limited to filemaker server overview and the log viewer panes.
to use other functionality, the server administrator must start the database server again.

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We'll need more info.  What version of FMS, what operating system?

Perhaps a screenshot?

As a start, check the FMS event log in the FMS logs folder and see if you can trace back when FMS shut down.

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My FM databases are still being used. I tried to get into FM server 12 to add another database. It opened and gave me that message.

Version 12 on Windows 10 (I know I have to upgrade, just no time).

I believe the CD I got on server was by you.

I'll get a screen shot.


Even though the start database server on the left on top isn't dimmed, when I click on it it hangs. Have to stop the application.

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I thought you meant you were getting an error #12, I didn't realize you were actually running FMS 12...

Try clicking the left-most button on the top, the one with the green circle.  That should start the database server.  If it doesn't then check the FMS event log.

You're so far outside of supported parameters that it may just be that Windows 10 updated itself to the point where FMS just won't run anymore.

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