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Unable to access port 16000 for admin even if its open


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Hi guys,

I want to test Filemaker Server 19 on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS on a small Azure VM.

  • I have managed to install FMS.
  • I added a Let's Encrypt certificate and use CertBot.
  • HTTP and HTTPS are working since I have "Filemaker Database Server Website" in my browser.

The basic ports seem to be open, but when I try to access the Admin console it does not work.

sudo firewall-cmd --list-all
  target: default
  icmp-block-inversion: no
  services: ssh dhcpv6-client
  ports: 80/tcp 443/tcp 5003/tcp 2399/tcp 16002/tcp 16000/tcp
  masquerade: no
  rich rules:


My Azure configuration is attached to this message.

I googled here and there, but I can't find out what I'm doing wrong.

Thanks for helping


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