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Launch script while a user is entering data?

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I am relatively new to Filemaker so I'm hoping to get some advice from the experts.

I am working on a Filemaker system that creates records when items get moved from one location to another. There is no location data, just records that show what quantities have been moved. The system does child to parent lookups but not parent to child. In other words, you can easily see where something came from, but when you are looking at an old record you have no idea if the item you moved is still where you put it. That complicates any kind of Find where you want to know what is in a location.

The problem: We want a report on what is in one specific location.

My solution: Flag a record when something goes in. When it comes out look up the parent record and unflag it. Then you just have to search for the flags.

When a user is creating a new record I need to check a field for the specific location, go to the parent record, remove a flag variable, and return to the current record. I could do it with a button, but then I am relying on users to push the dumb button. If they don't (and I can't make them) things will get messed up in a hurry.

Is there any way to get a script started using field validation, tab stops to an invisible button, switching between fields, Apple Events, or something? I would run the check script every time the user pushed the tab key if necessary. I am currently using Filemaker 5.5, but I would happily run out and buy Filemaker Unlimited if it would help.

Thanks for caring enough to read this far. Sorry for the long post, but how can anyone help if they don't understand the problem?


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First let me say that I don't think this is a good way to keep track. Inventory control systems, for example, don't change quantities on a Inventory Item records (similar to your flag). Instead the post a transaction to a file drawing or stocking a quantity. Similarly, you would post a move transaction to indicate where an item was moved to. This way there is always a "paper" trail and you can establish where an item is by the "moves" it has made. Otherwise, using the inventory example, the incorrect modification of a number forces someone to go look at how many items physically exist. With a transactions file, all you have to do is add up all the transactions to get the current count (or look at the last tranaction to see the current location. The Library system doesn't check out books by checking and unchecking a box on the catalog card, they also post a transaction for each checkout and return.

As to your second question. A plug-in such as Troi Activator will trigger a script upon exiting a field (www.troi.com).


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In addition to your second question, you may also look at oAzium Events Plugin


You can trigger your scripts to run upon exiting a field, creating new records or scheduling your scripts to run a specified date/time.

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Thanks for responding. No, it definitely isn't a good solution. The only good solution would be to build a real inventory control system, but that is not going to happen in a timely manner. I'm just going to have to cludge something together.



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