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Filemaker 6 on Panther

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Just installed MacOS 10.3 a.k.a Panther on my dual 867 Mhz G4.

Installing the OS and drivers for the USB ISDN modem went really smooth, was up and running in half an hour or so.

Then I 'did' Filemaker 6.0v3 which also seems to be work straight away, including network access. No noticeable performance changes compared to running it in 10.2.X , but I was not expecting that anyway.

The overall impression of the OS is really nice and snappy' and it has a lot of neat features, without going 'over the top'.

Fast-user-switching' (One of my favorites) is a function that CAN cause problems with Filemaker when multiple users of a machine try to open the same local file with their instance of Filemaker.

I did not dare opening our networked files with multiple users, but I can hardly imagine that the current version of Filemaker will be able to handle such situations without problems.



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I found that after I installed Panther (10.3) the layout tools behaved oddly. Specifically the "Object Size" palette. When I select more than one item the object size palette shows incorrect size/position data. Editing any of the values causes the selected items on the layout to disappear. Very odd.

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This topic is 7575 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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