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I am going to get a new computer to run the server from and have as a kind of backup storage (which I wont be able to with file sharing off as I have just been informed as recommended for the server to run smoothly which is a shame).

Our contact database at the moment holds about 50,000 companies and about 120,000 contacts maximum cocurrent users would be about 12 however we are getting a dedicated data entry person to update and expand the database so it could grow to 4 times the size.

What I would like to know is there any recommended specs I should get for the the server machine. I was looking at a P4 3GHz with HT 800FSB and 1GB of DDR400 blah blah....or an AMD 64 with 1GB....

Any recommendation appreciated?


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As I wrote in response to your other post, you do not need a modern mega-monster to run FM Server, especially if you're only going to have about a dozen users. The most important thing to consider is that the FM Server machine is essentially just accessing the drives for requested data, then sending that data out over the network connection. The scripts & calculations are all performed on the client machines. So, the CPU is not getting all that much work, the RAM requirements are not high. Put your money into the drives and networking.

Make sure that the network card is at least as fast as your network, and think about using ultra-wide SCSI drives, or whatever is the fastest drive system you can get. Definitely have redundant drives. All of my clients have a backup server with switchable drives, so that in the case of hardware failure, the drives can be dumped onto the (preconfigured but disconnedted) redundant server, which can then instantly take the place of the first server. Back up often, but remember that the built-in backup system in FM Server slows or stops user access while it is running...

As far as specifics, all my servers are Macs, but someone will point you in the right direction. If you are definitely using a Windows machine, you might consider asking on the FM Server and Windows forum for some particular examples of what people are using out there...


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Also, you may consider running fm server on ram disk.

Off course this is possible only if your files aren't too big.

Filesharing on is a bad practice; however if you use it just to move daily backup files to a safe place the performance loss wont't be noticeable.

Off course you'll have to restrict access to server's files in order to protect your database and everything else.

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This topic is 6539 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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