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Tabbing to First Character, not last


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When I tab within a report that already has data, the cursor always appears in the field AFTER the last character. Is there a way so that when I tab from field to field, the cursor appears at the beginning of the field? Before the first character?

(I know there is a way to make the entire field be selected, but that wont work for what I need to do).

FileMaker Version: 6

Platform: Mac OS X Panther

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Yes. With FM7, Set Selection [TextField; Start Position: 0; End Position: 0 ] attached to the field would do it. I know it can be done in prior versions. I saw one in action but didn't get to see the code. It was native FM 6 (without plugins) and it returned a User to their exact position within a text string.

Here is a buggy way to do it by attaching a script to your field. Maybe others can enhance the idea for you and it's a bit of work if you have to attach to every field. For what it's worth, just to get the ball rolling on the ideas ...

Set Field [ TextField, "~" & TextField ]

Go To Field [ TextField ] .. do not select/perform

Perform Find/Replace [No Dialog]

...Find What (text): "~"

...Replace With (text): ""

...Direction: Backward (sorta like me)

...Search: Current Record

...Search Within: Current Field

Cut [ ]

Told you it wasn't pretty. I believe you could use something similar to mark your place within a text field. smirk.gif

Update: I'm too mouse-focused. It doesn't appear to work when tabbing to the field only when selecting (same with vs. 7). I'll work on it - because I know it's possible.

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This topic is 6482 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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