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store settings from 'print' dialog...

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In scriptmaker there's a 'print setup' script step, which lets you specify certain settings for the print setup dialog box, and then save them with the script to let you perform that script step without showing that dialog.

However, how do you store the settings from the 'print' dialog?

Everytime I flash up the print dialog it can give users the opportunity to print the script and field definitions.

In my particular case here, when I set the 'print' script step to perform without dialog, it always seems to default to the print script definitions options, and print to file.

No matter what combinations of replacing the current print setup etc I go through - which work with print setup, export order, sort order and find requests! - the print box still defaults to printing the script definitions.

How do I change this default to 'records currently being browsed' or 'current record'

Without requiring a user to have to check this option is selected every time they print?

I'm using FMP5.5 on mac osx and win2000.

Any ideas?


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From my experience it seems that the Print settings are saved with the Print Setup step. So if your Print step is in a different script, it will probably behave like you have mentioned. What you want is both steps in the same script. If you do that and still have problems, manually perform a print with the settings you desire, open the script, click OK, and select Replace for the Print Setup settings.

Only one configuration for Print can be saved with each script, so what I often do is create scripts containing only Print Setup and Print, named with a specific config like "Portrait - Records being browsed", and then set a global from other scripts to determine which step to perform. Something like:

If [gNum = 0]

Print Setup [No dialog]


Print [No dialog]

End If

From other scripts, I would call it like:

Set Field [gNum, 0]

Perform Script [Portrait - Records being browsed] <-- calls Print Setup

Set Field [gNum, 1]

Enter Preview Mode [Pause]

Perform Script [Portrait - Records being browsed] <-- calls Print

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Yeah good idea, have specific scripts for different formats.

I thought it might be stored along with the print setup, but you are correct, the print setup and print script steps are performed in different scripts in succession.

Thanks for your fast response!!

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This topic is 7152 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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