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Sending Reports on emails

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Hi folks!

I am trying to enhance my Filemaker Database to send emails.

My current database is used to printing Invoices.

I would like to send an email do my customers (by the way, in html enclosed) of their purchase.


Dear Customer Mr. Smith:

Your purchase:

5 bananas U$1 each U$ 5.00

3 Pears U$ 2 each U$ 6.00

Total of purchase U$ 11.00

How I imagine the solution:

I create a new Layout, and a script to "select all text form the layout", copy, and the rest I do by using Applescript. Just get the text from the clipboard and process the rest.

My problem:

When I originaly built the database, I used repeating fields to describe the itens, unit prices and subtotals.

So when I get Filemaker to copy the text from the layout, it comes out like this:

5 3 bananas pears 5 6 11

This happens because filemaker "reads" all items in the same repeating field before going to the next field.

I tried creting new fields, one for each repetition of an item. Using "getRepetition" function. But again, there is a problem. If I edit the original field, the "getrepetition" field is not refreshed. It stays with the first input.


1) Would you try to build the application the same way I am trying to?

2) How to over come the repeating field problem?

3) Is it possible to refresh a fields content that is linked to another field?, I mean, once you change the one field, the other fields related to it also change its contents. Is it possible? How?

Thanks for any help...

I will apreciate your comments.

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This topic is 7095 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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