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Flickering screen refresh

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I'm running a script in filemaker6 where I hide the performed actions with the freeze window command. I only refresh the window at certain points in the script. This works quite well, but each time the window is refreshed there is an annoying flicker. I noticed this gets worse when there are a lot of fields on screen. Does anyone know a solution to make the window refresh smoother ?


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Switch to a Mac. smile.gif

Seriously though, it's a problem with Windows. There are things you can do to diminish the effects, such as setting everything (including graphics) to opaque background, try not to overlap objects, grouping objects, etc.

There have been many posts on the subject which would help you - try searching for flash.

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I've tried searching on flicker, flash, screen flickering,...

Can't find anything that solves this problem.

Isn't there a plugin or so to remove this flickering ?

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The problems you are experiencing with screen flicker is caused by FileMaker having to redraw the screen. I did a search for, guess what? screen +redraw and got 109 hits.

If you take the time to read through these threads, you will note that about the only thing you can do is to limit your layout design in colors, graphics, etc.

Welcome to FileMaker the database program, not FileMaker the graphic design program.

Lee cool.gif

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I agree that filemaker is not a graphic design program, but the screen refresh is a bit of a disaster. It makes the app. look sluggish.

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Yes, it's a major drag, one that in my mind is second only to FM's extreme keyboard dependency in terms of dragginess.

Good news is, the problem seems to have gone away with FM7. Maybe an upgrade is not the right thing for you at the moment, but when you eventually move this solution to 7, you should be happier.


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